What is going on at FanX® Salt Lake Comic Convention™?

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Shannon Hale


Disappointed with the way an organization has publicly handled a sexual harassment accusation, I’ve been communicating with them privately, hoping they’d step up. Just got an email response. Please play sexism bingo with this paragraph.



If you are a geek like me it has probably been hard to hear what is happening with FanX® Salt Lake Comic Convention™ right now. It’s probably also hard to follow exactly what is going on and why it happened and what will be happening in the future. Here is all of the information we have. There is also a link where you can be a part of the change and comment on their new harassment rules. I think we all want the same thing, a fun and safe place for us to celebrate our love of the geek world with other like minded individuals.

The creators of FanX® Salt Lake Comic Convention™ are revising their harassment rules for their event after New York Times Best Selling Author Shannon Hale
reported she had an uncomfortable encounter with another well know author (Richard Paul Evans) during the event. Fanx co founder and Marketing director Bryan Brandenburg has openly apologized for how he originally handled the situation and has stepped back running their social media at this time. As of today the event will still be happening in September. All staff and volunteers for FanX will undergo harassment training. They are forming a committee and reaching out to the community to help them form their new harassment policy. For more information and to comment on their current harassment policy check out the links below.

Valerie Cameron


FanX co-founder apologizes for suggesting Utah author ‘sit this one out’ after harassment inquiry


Frequently Asked Questions About FanX’s May 22, 2018 Statement


Update on Universal Harassment Policy

How to report harassment with FanX





  • Anonymous

    Shannon Hale was not the victim. FanX stated that the person that made the complaint was satisfied with the way it was handled. Shannon Hale and other authors demanded that Richard Paul Evans be publically banned for sexual harassment. FanX refused to do this for multiple reasons.

    Shannon Hale then doxxed Bryan Brandenburg with an out of context fragment of a confidential email. Then….Civil War.

  • Anonymous

    Shannon Hale complained that she had been doxxed. Then she doxxed multiple people at FanX, printing excerpts of multiple private emails:


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