What To See With Val Sicario: Day of the Soldado


As the picture comes into focus and the movie begins you feel like this is going to be some amazing story telling. For the most part it was. Alejandro Gillick (Benicio del Toro) is back as the mysterious operative that gets called anytime there is a dirty job that needs to be done by the government. The premise of the story could be considered bad timing or great timing depending on what side you are on with the immigration issues hitting our country right now. the movie begins with a scene of people running through the desert in the dark, trying to get to the american boarder without being seen and alive. the movie shows how so many people need to come access the boarder they are willing to do anything and pay anything to get there,

Later in the movie a bombing happens that sends the U.S government including the president on a man hunt to find who was responsible and they don’t care about how it gets done. This is when Matt Graver (Josh Brolin), a federal agent whose is to do the dirty work of the U.S. government, calls in Alejandro Gillick (Benicio del Toro). Director Stefano Sollima’s is known for having a main plot and several sub plots going on in his movies at the same time, and for the most part it works. Throughout the movie you meet a teen-ager, Miguel (Elijah Rodriguez), whose lives next to a border fence, on the American side, and that means he has a passport to he is targeted by his older cousin to help him smuggle people across the boarder. He is a good kid who seems to be reluctant but the job pays good money, and here begins a sub plot of the journey of this young and innocent boy who by the end of the movie turns into something I would have never expected.

Now in the middle of all of that, Alejandro Gillick (Benicio del Toro) is told he needs to kidnap the daughter of a Mexican drug lord for the US government to start a war between the Mexican drug lords. the daughter is played by the very talented actress Isabela Moner. this bright young talent steels the screen in a lot of the scenes and I can not wait to see her in more films.  I wont tell you why her kidnaps her and what trouble ensues along the way because it would spoil the film, but this story goes so many different directions that I feel like I am watching 3 different movies. All in all the acting is good, the story is provoking and it makes you think about situations going on in the world that are hardly ever seen.

Grade: C+

Valerie Cameron


In Sicario: Day of the Soldado, the series begins a new chapter. In the drug war, there are no rules–and as the cartels have begun trafficking terrorists across the US border, federal agent Matt Graver (Josh Brolin) calls on the mysterious Alejandro (Benicio Del Toro), whose family was murdered by a cartel kingpin, to escalate the war in nefarious ways. Alejandro kidnaps the kingpin’s daughter to inflame the conflict–but when the girl is seen as collateral damage, her fate will come between the two men as they question everything they are fighting for.


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