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Are you a Game of Thrones Fan? Do you want to be a Game of Thrones fan? We have put together a time watch timeline so you can get every episode watched before the final season starts on April 14th. Not only that, we have paired it with foods you should eat along the way. Enjoy!

Kick off day is crucial, if you start on our suggested day and watch 1 episode per day you will be right on time. We have made it so you can miss a day here or there and still be ready.

Feb 6th (kick off season 1) National Chopstick Day: This is perfect because of the major “chopping that goes on in this season. Have some Chinese food and don’t be afraid to really eat your feelings because it’s an emotional ride.

Feb 14th That’s right, cuddle up with your favorite person and watch episode 7 and it is a steamy one. Lots of nakedness and when the infamous line “When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground.” is used. Romantic right?! It is National Cream filled chocolate day so grab a box of your favorite cream filled chocolates and enjoy the night.

*Feb 18th “The Night Lands” was one of the most watched episodes for this season and critics loved it. It is National Drink wine day so drink up because this episode is a turning point for Robb Stark and Daenerys.

Feb 25th “All Men must Die”  In this episode Jon Snow meets the “King beyond the Wall” and everyone is cold all the time so we agree with Clam Chowder day, eat it up and stay warm because Winter is here.

*March 5th This is a big day! It may be the night to get all your friends together and have a little party together. It’s time for the Red Wedding! So many surprises, deceit and a lot of delicious wickedness. I would pair this night with some medium grilled steaks,  red wine and that chocolate cake from Costco, it is a wedding after all.

March 8th now we are onto “The Purple Wedding” this is the wedding between yucky Joffrey Baratheon and Margaery Tyrell. It is also national Peanut Cluster Day, eat carefully, we wouldn’t want you to choke on anything 🙂

March 18th You should now be a few episodes into season 5. This season is a little messy with a ton of different stories going on so we thought National Sloppy Joe Day would be the best fit. Enjoy and don’t forget the napkins.

March 28th We were all waiting for it! The body of Jon Snow is discovered! The Red Woman unveils herself and it all so exciting so celebrate his return with some Black Forest Cake!

April 1st  You are doing great! Almost there! This is another highly viewed episode because….Dragons and scandalous killings that we have all be waiting for. It is national Sourdough day, so get a bread bowl and fill it with something warm and sit back and get comfortable because this episode is a wild ride.

April 11th This is a bonus day in case you are falling behind because well you may have a life lol. And we don’t want to overlook National Cheese Fondue day! Delicious! Finish today because you only have 4 days to go.

APRIL 14th!!!! Today is the day and it is National Pecan Day. You have put in all the work to get here so get your decadent on with some pecan pie, yes even whipped cream and lets see what we have been waiting for. Celebratory Pie for everyone!

Watch responsibly and tip your waiters.

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