On a scale from Taylor Swift to Pink, how drastic have you changed your hair?


Taylor Swift posted a picture of her new fun hairdo this week and the internet went wild. Now we know she is a little more on the conservative side when it comes to her locks, and a little pink highlight goes a long way for her. A lot of people are changing their hair right now and taking chances. Where do you fit on my Celebrity Hair Scale? Who is your favorite celebrity hair style setter?



Val Cameron



DRAMATIC (Intermediate, Fun without commitment)


HAIR DRAMA QUEEN (Advanced Try’s it, loves it try’s something new)

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HAIR ADVENTURER (Master: Wants to tell a story/make a statement)

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“STUPID LOVE” 9 HOURS #LG6 #ShotOniPhone

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THIS IS MY HAIR AND I WILL D WHAT I WANT (Hair Goddess! Does what she wants, when she wants, cuts it herself, makes her own trends and commits to her own style)



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