Where does your dad fit on the Val & Mike Dad Scale?


Are you a Dad? Do you have a Dad? Take our Val and Mike Dad Quiz and see what TV dad you are closest to. Add up all of your “Yeses”. Have fun!


  1. Take grilling very seriously?
  2. Do you try and repair items before replacing them?
  3. Do you tell dad jokes or turn what your kids say into puns?
  4. Do you let your wife win an argument about how you want things done and then secretly go fix it later?
  5. Are you constantly checking your yard to see if it needs to be mowed or getting enough water even though you know you mowed it yesterday and your sprinklers are on a timer?
  6. Do you spend at least 10 min a day with your kids, thinking about your kids or talking to your kids?
  7. Do you have a special skillet you use for almost everything?
  8. Do you have your own spatula?
  9. Do you have a favorite chair or place you sit in the house?
  10. Do you have 3 pairs of reading glasses scattered about the house?
  11. Do you fall asleep watching TV but never admit you were sleeping? Just resting my eyes, don’t you dare change the station.
  12. Do you know how to tell when a steak is done?
  13. Is the news your favorite program on TV even when there is nothing really on the news that you care about?
  14. Do your kids know how to take care of their car? Ex how to check oil etc?
  15. Have you taught your kids how to treat others with respect?
  16. Have you asked for weird things for your birthday day like. Dad I am not getting you gravel for the driveway for your birthday…..
  17. Are you finally at the age where eating expired food does not bother you?
  18. Do you rub or pat your belly after eating?
  19. Do you back into every parking spot like you have something to prove to the world.
  20. Have you helped one of your kids friends through a problem?
  21. Do you over use your dad jokes in unrelated situations?
  22. Have you told the same story about that one time in high school to your kids or family
  23. Are all of the women in your house freezing because you just can’t turn the central heating on?
  24. Do you get excited about the free mints at restaurants?
  25. Dos it seem like you are more excited to see your dog than your kids when they both enter the room at the same time?
  26. Do you feel it is necessary to adjust the car seat and mirrors in your kids car when you are only moving it 7 feet in the driveway?
  27. When you answer the phone do you say “Yello”
  28. Have you shown your kids how to change a tire?
  29. Do you kids have good work ethic?
  30. Do your kids treat their mother well?





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