Val’s Top Disney+ Picks: It’s not just for kids!

Disney+ has been around for a while now and the content keeps growing. From all of our old favorite movies and TV Shows to new documentaries and movies. So what do you watch? These are a few of my favorite picks right now and what is coming. Disney+ is not just for kids.


Coming to Disney+ October 2020: One Mission: The Right Stuff 

I really love that you can watch the National Geographic shows on Disney+ and this new original is super fun to watch. I love stories about the space program and this is more advanced programming coming to Disney+. Yes you can watch this with your kids but it is meant for 14+. from executive producer Leonardo DiCaprio. My grade for this series so far is a B+


Hidden Figures a 20th Century Fox movie is now owned by Disney and will be streaming this October! My Grade: A-



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