Win a Cupcake Kit from Gabby’s Dollhouse and Wicked Good Cupcakes. 

Win a Cupcake Kit from Gabby’s Dollhouse and Wicked Good Cupcakes.

Prize Provided by DreamWorks Animation

GABBY’S DOLLHOUSE Now Streaming on Netflix.

With a little magic and a new surprise every day, Gabby’s Dollhouse is filled with mini-worlds, irresistible kitty characters, and super fun adventures!

Join Gabby as she unboxes a brand new surprise every episode, shares her excitement with her best stuffed animal pal, Pandy Paws, and takes everyone on the next great adventure.

Gabby’s Dollhouse has partnered with Wicked Good Cupcakes and Each Cupcake Kit contains your choice of jar flavors (including our new Cakey Cat flavors!) along with a pack of Gabby’s Dollhouse character cards, Gabby’s stick-on earrings and a very special card to learn how to repurpose your cupcake jars for a kid-friendly craft!

DreamWorks Animation’s Gabby’s Dollhouse and Wicked Good Cupcakes are teaming up to celebrate Mother’s Day with the purrrfect gift for Mom!  For a chance to win or visit to order a specialty Gabby’s Dollhouse themed Mother’s Day gift pack which includes your choice of jar flavors (including the new Cakey Cat flavors) along with a pack of Gabby’s Dollhouse character cards and stick-on earrings. Gabby’s Dollhouse is now streaming on Netflix.






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