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I will start out by saying this is a foreign film with subtitles, but don’t let that stop you. The story is set in rural Iceland and a young farming couple. The landscape is absolutely breathtaking. When you meet the couple in the first part of the film, you get almost no dialogue. The Director does a really good job at setting the pace of how these two people live. Every day doing the same things at the same time. They seem to have a pretty good rhythm of their lives and nothing seems to be amiss. We witness a lot of regular farming chores being done. Then we see baby lamb after baby lamb being born.  The couple tends to the animal births on their own, like it is something they have done a hundred times before.  

Then something really unbelievable happens. Another lamb is born and it is breach, meaning comes out head first. That is all we see of the lamb at first but we understand that something odd is going on.  The woman starts to treat this baby lamb like a baby. The husband starts bringing baby items out of storage and we start to figure out that they probably had a child before. Then as they show the baby growing, we start to understand that this lamb baby is half human half lamb. The way the film is set up, this doesn’t seem out of the ordinary at all. As an audience member I feel the love that the couple has for the child and it seems natural.  

The one thing that is really unsettling to me is the way the woman treats the lamb that gave birth to the little aberration. Then the couple is tested when they are visited by the husband’s brother. All the while the child is getting bigger and I started loving her as well. All the while I was wondering how this happened. You will find out why and it is a weird and startling ending to the movie. When the lights came up in the theatre all I could think to myself was “What the heck did I just watch.” I always want to be challenged by new movies and Directors who want to give us something new. That is exactly what Director Valdimar Jóhannsson‎ did. For that and the good acting and fantastic cinematography I think you should check this film out.  

Grade: B 

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No time To Die 


Back in 1962 we were introduced to a very handsome and unconventional British secret agent called Bond, James Bond aka 007. Through the years we have gotten different actors playing James Bond and the character evolved from a total womanizing, careless agent to a deeply troubled agent who understands the consequences of his actions and seeks a better life. Also still good looking and careless… 

No time To Die is the last of this style of James Bond film, and also the last time actor Daniel Craig will be playing 007. For me this movie had everything you want from a James Bond Film. They did a lot of call backs from the past films, all the way back to the 60’s. I do recommend checking out Spectre before you head into the film for more context. If you have never seen Spectre or any of the other Daniel Craig James Bond movies, I do think you will still be able to follow along. All in all, it is a great action-packed spy movie.  

Getting back to the “everything we want” comment. When you think of James Bond movies, you think of amazing cars, fun gadgets, a villain over there and another one over there, fights, guns, beautiful women who are also smart and can kick your but and ACTION, ACTION, ACTION! With No Time To Die, you get all of those things. Plus, you get Daniel Craig at his best. His version of James Bond is the closest to my heart. You get the action, the awkward moments with Women and actual feelings while he is saving the world.  

No Time To Die is the swan song of 007 as we know it. We get introduced to new characters and new ways to see 007. We see that indeed the world will go on without James Bond, but why would we want that. What the movie is showing us, is that this old way of 007 as we know it is moving forward. With the new we also get the characters we loved from the last movies and we get a lot of closure with storylines and relationships. But what I love the most about this film is that Daniel Craig gets his hero moment. To me this feels like “End Game” in the MCU. I left that 3-hour movie feeling satisfied with what I was given and thought the characters along with the fans were shown respect.  

If you are a fan of James Bond, you will enjoy this movie. From the quiet but menacing villain Rami Malek to the hard and funny way Lashana Lynch is on screen. You get it all!  

Grade: A 

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