Thrifty and On Point Halloween Costumes for 2021!

Check out these fun and thrifty Halloween costume Ideas I put together for 2021!

Most of these you should be able to find at the thrift store or can put together for under $30. Get creative and have fun!

The Contestants From Squid Game

Grab a few friends and get some green work out outfits and you are good to go!

Steve From Blues Clues

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

Star and Barb From Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar

Penelope Featherington (Lady Whistledown) From Bridgerton

Bernie Sanders at the Inauguration of President Joe Biden

Cruella de Vil From Cruella

Find a red dress, it does not have to be exactly the same, a Cruella Wig and a fun mask.

Frank and Lily From Jungle Cruise

Ted Lasso, Coach Beard, and Nathan Shelley From Ted Lasso


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